Pets & Animals

Both dogs and cats make wonderful pets. They are great company and stroking and petting them strengthens the bond between you both and helps both of you to relax. Stroking a pet helps to relieve stress and is mutually rewarding for both you and your pet.

So how do you decide whether to have a cat or a dog as a pet? Well the decision of course comes down to personal preference but there are also some factors to take into account:


  • Dogs, particularly the lager and high energy breeds, need to be taken for a walk every day but cats do not.
  • Cats are largely more independent than dogs in that they can be left during the day, whereas dogs find it harder to be left on their own and are inclined to get bored and suffer anxiety.
  • Dogs crave more human attention than cats, often to the point of following you around when you are home
  • Both dogs and cats need to be regularly fed and it is not a good idea to leave either for long periods if it can be avoided but if you have a day job where you have to be out during the day, perhaps a cat is a better option.
  • However, if you can get home in the day to walk the dog and give it some attention perhaps that could work too.

Of course whether you have a dog or a cat, every animal has its own personality and therefore exactly how much human interaction they desire will vary depending on the individual animal.

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